Screw Starter #2056
Screw Starter – Close Up

Screw Starter #2056


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Darn these small screws.

Are these screws getting smaller or do I need a stronger prescription? Aligning tiny nose pad and hinge screws, using your fingers, can be painful and frustrating. Then the balancing act begins as you reach for the driver to thread the screw into the hole. Too often the screw dislodges and drops into the great void of lost screws. The Screw Starter is tall and slender making it easy for you to insert the screw and start threading it into position. You won’t lose your screws or your marbles. 4 1/4” long.

Insider Info from Joshua

"I’m a big guy and I’ve got large fingers. Not large and gracefully slender but the chubby, stubby kind. Just watching me attempt to insert a nose pad screw into the nose pad box is a traumatic experience. I bought one of those short screw grabbers but using it still required me to place most of my hand inside the eyewear. The Screw Starter is our superior solution to a universally frustrating problem."