Guide to Optical Pliers

Use our handy plier guide to choose the best plier for your professional needs. 

By directing our focus on dispensing hand tools, Western Optical Supply has committed to becoming the preeminent innovator/manufacturer in the industry. 

To be the best, we innovate, not replicate. We control manufacturing from start to finish, assuring the highest quality. By eliminating all the middlemen, we bring these superior products to you at affordable prices. You will find the exact plier to complement your skill level and fit your budget.


We have handles to fit every grip, and grips to fit every hand!

Diagram showing Western Optical's Vinyl, Foam and Polished Steel grips with photos of each

Western Optical's Plier Models Explained


Photos and descriptions of Western Optical's Guild and Premium plier models.


Photos and descriptions of Western Optical's Budgetool and Concorde plier models.


Photos and descriptions of Western Optical's Parallel Jaws and MicroTool plier models.


Parallel Jaws Pliers

PJ pliers feature jaws that close in parallel to safely and securely grip thick frames. Conventional pliers pinch thicker materials and mar the frame. PJs feature long, comfortable foam covered grips and narrow jaws.

Photo and caption describing "The Parallel Jaws Difference"

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