Why We Use Delrin

Why does Western use Delrin® plastic pads?

Photo of plier with Delrin plastic pads

I find replacing pads on pliers to be a real nuisance. Traditional pads are made from nylon or polypropylene which are very soft plastics, and they are cheap to manufacture. Other companies tell you to expect to replace your nylon pads after 200 uses.

That struck me as just wrong.

Replacing traditional pads is cumbersome and I’ve seen pads being held in place with electrical tape as the technician just gave up trying to get it mounted properly (drill and tap a hole, etc.). So, I decided to make the pad out of a much stronger material and mount them to the plier without having to use screws.

It costs us more but makes you happy. Fewer pads, less frustration. You’re welcome.  :o)