Nose Pad Popping Plier – MicroTool Model #8032S, Polished Steel Handle
Nose Pad Popping Plier – MicroTool Model #8032

Nose Pad Popping Plier – MicroTool Model #8032


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Align. Squeeze. Pop.

You need to replace a pair of nose pads. If you are lucky, the pads will just drop out when you try to remove them. If you are not, you will have to wrestle them out of the box changing the position of the nose pad box and arm. With this plier a quick change stays that way without having to do a full readjustment. Slip the pronged jaw between the pad and the box and let the hooked jaw pop out the pad.

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Insider Info from Joshua

" his plier inspiration came from hanging around busy dispensaries. A patient comes in for a nose pad swap. Should take a few moments of pleasant banter and it’s done. Yet a simple procedure turns complicated as the nose pad arm gets bent out of shape while trying to dislodge the pad. Now the frame needs to be readjusted. This little plier will pop out the pad without moving the arm. We made it a MicroTool because we didn’t want you to use too much effort to get the pad out" 


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