Lens Turning Plier – 25mm Premium Model #2029V, Black Vinyl Handle
Lens Turning Plier – 25mm Premium Model #2029F, Green Foam Handle
Lens Turning Plier – 25mm Premium Model #2029

Lens Turning Plier – 25mm Premium Model #2029


Regular price $36.95

Compress. Rotate. Align.

There is no need to dread tweaking the axis of a lens. Stop worrying about cracking a thin lens or popping out its center. Gone are the days when the metal cup pad holder would scratch the lens. “How can this be?” you ask. We’ve redesigned this plier by equipping it with rubber pads that are preformed into a matching 25mm diameter, 4 base curve set. Now the pads cradle the lens rather than flatten. We placed the pads on disks eliminating the metal cups. All this and a deep throat to accommodate lenses 90mm in diameter.

#2029V – Black Vinyl Handle $36.95

#2029F – Green Foam Handle $36.95

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Insider Info from Joshua

"Way back when, lenses were glass and the thinnest center allowed was 2.2mm. The lens size tended to be small so the difference between the center and edge thickness wasn’t great until you got into very high powers. So, a lens turning plier with two flat rubber disks didn’t pose much of an issue when it came to cracking the lens or popping out the center. That was then. Now it’s a different story. We’re the only company that has invested in a special mold to be able to produce lens turning pads with a matching four base curve. This means that there is much less of a chance that the pressure from the pads will cause damage to your lenses. We also mount the pads differently than anyone else to eliminate the possibility that the mounting itself can scratch the lens. Really, why buy any other lens turning plier?" 


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