Click 'n Stack Extra Deep Job Trays #2140 – 2148
Click 'n Stack Extra Deep Job Trays interlocking with Plastic Stackable Shop Trays

Click 'n Stack Extra Deep Job Trays #2140 – 2148


Regular price $78.95

Available in cases of 20 trays, and in five contemporary colors: Yellow, White, Red, Green, and Blue

These 2-1/4” deep trays accommodate wrap around frames and the larger eyeglass cases. Once assembled they stack securely with each other and with standard 6" x 9" trays. The base of the tray has indentations for capturing small parts and the face has a tray tag holder. To save you money on shipping we designed the trays to nest one inside the other with the sides removed. The tray is easily assembled by snapping the sides into place.

These trays also interlock with our Plastic Stackable Shop Trays.

Not returnable once assembled. Tray tags shown sold separately.

Trays are packaged 20 trays per single color. 6"W x 2-1/4"H x 9"D

#2140/20 – Yellow - Click 'n Stack Extra Deep Job Trays $78.95

#2142/20 – WhiteClick 'n Stack Extra Deep Job Trays $78.95

#2144/20 – RedClick 'n Stack Extra Deep Job Trays $78.95

#2146/20 – GreenClick 'n Stack Extra Deep Job Trays $78.95

#2148/20 – BlueClick 'n Stack Extra Deep Job Trays $78.95

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Insider Info from Joshua

"Here is an annoying problem. Shop tray shipping cartons are big, bulky and lightweight. Decades ago this wasn’t a problem as dimensional weight wasn’t even a thing. Now a case of stacking shop trays which weights 10 actual pounds is billed at 16 pounds dimensional weight. We sell a lot of trays overseas where this problem gets much worse. It can cost more to ship a case of trays than the trays themselves cost. To eliminate this issue while coming up with a deeper tray to hold wrap around frames and cases I designed the Click ‘n Stack trays. The sides are shipped separated from the body so the trays nest until assembled. It weighs 10 pounds and you pay only for 10 pounds in shipping." 

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