Troop-Balas One-Dip Hair Spring Cleaner & Rinse #50200 & #50400


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One-Dip® Hair Spring Cleaner and Rinse.

World wide favorite one step, One-Dip®, cleaner and rinse. Neutralizes acids and inhibits the formation of rust to extend the life of the watch.

Warning: Contains trichloroethylene blend. Vapor harmful. Use only with adequate ventilation. Avoid prolonged or repeated breathing of vapor. Industrial use only. Keep away from children. Note additional precautions on packaging.

To order Troop-Balas One-Dip® in fewer than case lots, please contact us for the name of your preferred stocking distributor.

#50200 8-Ounce Can  – 24 Cans per case (8 oz. each)

#50400 32-Ounce Can  – 9 Cans per case (32 oz. each)

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