Rimlon Harpoon #2089
Rimlon Harpoon – Close Up
Rimlon Harpoon #2089

Rimlon Harpoon #2089


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The Tool You’d Make Yourself... If You Had A Machine Shop.

Releasing a rimlon cord can be frustrating. You need something very thin, chiseled and strong. Here it is. Easier removal/inserting of the rimlon cord out of/in to the lens groove.

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Insider Info from Joshua

"For years there were two ways to work with semi-rimless nylon cords. The tool with the hook that goes under the cord and hooks it or a piece of firm ribbon to slide under the cord then wrap around and yank. So we combined the best elements into a stiff thin metal wedge that slips under the cord. There is also a groove on the forward lip to grab the cord and pull it out of the groove. We’re not going to win any design awards but folks like it." 

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