Pro Tool Kit

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What you need to get started on your road to success.

Western is offering three tool kits to complement various skill levels and environments. The Starter Tool Kit is for both beginning opticians and opticians on-the-go. It is an efficient selection of tools that will allow you to make a broad range of adjustments and repairs.

The Office Tool Kit and the Pro Tool Kit are for offices and expand on the variety of adjustments and repairs. The tools also correspond to a wider selection of eyewear styles allowing for a greater manipulation of eyewear. The Pro Tool kit features parallel jaw pliers for more sophisticated eyewear adjustments.

1027F – Guild Narrow Flush End Cut 5mm Plier  $34.95
1030V Guild Nose Pad Adjusting Plier  $34.95
1050F Guild Rimless Compressing / Bracing Plier  $34.95
2004F Premium Temple Bending Plier  $32.95
2018S Premium Spring Hinge Plier Kit  $43.95
2029F Premium Lens Turning Plier – 25mm Curved Pads  $36.95
2039V Premium Curved Tip Chain Nose Plier  $32.95
2069 PD³ Multi-Rule  $3.95
2301 TruBlue Aluminum Driveshaft Set of Eight Drivers  $68.95
5024F Concorde Tungsten Carbide End Cutter Plier  $42.95
5070 Universal Nut Grabber  $24.95
5112F PJ Combo Chain Nose Round / Delrin Jaw Plier  $48.95
5115F PJ Double Delrin Jaw Plier  $48.95
5121F PJ Post Pushing Plier  $48.95
5145F PJ Finger Piece Plier  $48.95

2068BTFREE Ball Tipped Lens Clock! A $59.95 Value.

Total  $588.25

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Insider Info from Joshua

"For years I resisted offering a preset collection of tools. Now I understand how vast our product line has become and I’m happy to lend a hand in selecting a basic set of tools to kick off your dispensary. I tried to select the most popular and necessary items so you will be prepared on day one of your enterprise to successfully serve your patients. As your business grows, I hope you will remember Western Optical Supply when you need to add to your collection of dispensing equipment." 


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