DigiOmeter Digital Pupilometer #2061DP3


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Now take digital vertical pupillary height readings!

The DigiOmeter provides digital accuracy when measuring interpupillary distance (PD), vertex and pupillary height readings. Measurement options include binocular PD and right/left monocular PD, vertex distance readings PLUS digitally accurate pupillary height readings for multifocal Rx!

This instrument measures the distance between the pupils and from the eyewire to the pupil, by focusing the spot of light reflecting off of the patient’s retina. Using a highly accurate linear sensor, the reflection is bisected vertically or horizontally to take the reading. This pupilometer features an easily visible wide-angle LCD numeric readout. Its easy user friendly functions eliminate operator error and increase measuring accuracy.


Data range  Binocular PD 46-82mm, Monocular PD 23-41mm
Distance Range – 300-infinity
Indication, Rounding and Asymmetric Error  <.5mm
Power Source  DC3V (two AA batteries)
Automatic Off  After 2 minutes on standby
Size  6.35" width x 2.8" height x 9" deep
Weight  28 oz.