EZGrip Driver #2350 – #2360
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EZGrip Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers #2350 – #2360


Regular price $61.95

The most comfortable driver that your fingers will ever love.

What it is: An elegant solution for those who have a difficult time holding on to a standard screwdriver and having to give it super-duper torque. Use when you have a stubborn screw to break free or tighten down the final threads.

Exclusive Patented Features

  • Finger rest: Ergonomically contoured scoop cradles your thumb and opposing pointer finger for a seriously comfortable grip. Whether you have arthritis, large fingers, small fingers, sensitive fingers or a weak grip, EZGrip Drivers will be the most comfortable driver you have ever experienced.
  • Cap: Large rotating cap dissipates pressure over a large area in your palm.
  • Peephole: An opening in the thumb rest lets you see the blade configuration that is normally hidden from view.
  • Colored handles: Color coded convenience for dispensing stations and designating different blades.
  • Special nylon based handle material is as durable as aluminum. Handle made in USA. Blades made in USA and Germany. US Patent #817737S1.

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Order individual handles and drivers or in sets:

Deluxe Set Six Drivers #2349  Includes one of each color

Set Six Driver Handles #2360 – Includes one of each color 

Deluxe Set Six Drivers #2349 $61.95
Set Six Driver Handles #2360 $22.95
Black - Handle only #2361 $3.95
Black - Standard Flat #2350 $6.95 
Black - Fine Tip #2350FT $6.95
Black - Hex Wrench #2350H $8.95 
Black - Phillips #2350P $7.95
Black - Phillips/Flat #2350PF $7.95
Black - Screw Extractor #2350SE $7.95
Black - Star Nut Lg #2350SNL $8.95
Black - Star Nut Sm #2350SNS $8.95
Blue - Handle only #2362 $3.95
Blue - Standard Flat #2351 $6.95 
Blue - Fine Tip #2351FT $6.95
Blue - Hex Wrench #2351H $8.95 
Blue - Phillips #2351P $7.95
Blue - Phillips/Flat #2351PF $7.95 
Blue - Screw Extractor #2351SE $7.95 
Blue - Star Nut Lg #2351SNL $8.95
Blue - Star Nut Sm #2351SNS $8.95 
Green - Handle only #2363 $3.95
Green - Standard Flat #2352 $6.95 
Green - Fine Tip #2352FT $6.95
Green - Hex Wrench #2352H $8.95 
Green - Phillips #2352P $7.95
Green - Phillips/Flat #2352PF $7.95 
Green - Screw Extractor #2352SE $7.95 
Green - Star Nut Lg #2352SNL $8.95
Green - Star Nut Sm #2352SNS $8.95
Red - Handle only #2364 $3.95
Red - Standard Flat #2353 $6.95
Red - Fine Tip #2353FT $6.95
Red - Hex Wrench #2353H $8.95
Red - Phillips #2353P $7.95
Red - Phillips/Flat #2353PF $7.95
Red - Screw Extractor #2353SE $7.95 
Red - Star Nut Lg #2353SNL $8.95
Red - Star Nut Sm #2353SNS $8.95 
White - Handle only #2365 $3.95
White - Standard Flat #2354 $6.95 
White - Fine Tip #2354FT $6.95
White - Hex Wrench #2354H $8.95 
White - Phillips #2354P $7.95
White - Phillips/Flat #2354PF $7.95 
White - Screw Extractor #2354SE $7.95 
White - Star Nut Lg #2354SNL $8.95
White - Star Nut Sm #2354SNS $8.95 
Yellow - Handle only #2366 $3.95
Yellow - Standard Flat #2355 $6.95
Yellow - Fine Tip #2355FT $6.95
Yellow - Hex Wrench #2355H $8.95 
Yellow - Phillips #2355P $7.95
Yellow - Phillips/Flat #2355PF $7.95 
Yellow - Screw Extractor #2355SE $7.95 
Yellow - Star Nut Lg #2355SNL $8.95
Yellow - Star Nut Sm #2355SNS $8.95

Western Optical Tip

Insider Info from Joshua

"We make a lot of products in our facility in Santa Fe and I’m not much for sitting in front of a computer screen. Often I am out building displays or Hot Boxes, using a lot of hand tools. Now that the Social Security Administration is sending me monthly checks, my hands aren’t able to grasp a straight shaft screwdriver like they used to. Ouch! So, I took our TruBlue driver and some modeling clay and gave it wings so I could hold it more comfortably and give it a good amount of torque. That worked so well I had to make several more for each member of the crew. Then I made them in colors for you and then, the US Government gave me a patent." 


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