Hot Box® Frame Warmer #2500 – #2500Export
Hot Box® Frame Warmer #2500 – #2500Export
Hot Box® Frame Warmer #2500 – #2500Export

Hot Box® Frame Warmer #2500 – #2500Export


Regular price $225.95

This Is The One!

NEW higher wattage element heats up FASTER!

We’ve been manufacturing this industry favorite since 1984. Its flawless performance, proprietary design and construction have made it the most popular glass bead frame warmer on planet earth. The injection molded housing allows for a small footprint on your counter but a large bath inside. Glass beads sold separately (#2550).

Hot Box Frame Warmer features:

HOT: Maximum temperature 350°F

BIG: Inner pan dimensions 9" W x 2-3/4" H x 5" D

CLEAN: Recessed pan is sealed in place so that glass beads will not spill onto countertop

LONG LIFE: Electrical components are shielded from glass bead spills

PLUS: Adjustable temperature control, indicator light, 4’ grounded power cord and rubber feet

Voltage: 115 

Watts: 300

Amps: 2.6

Dimensions: 10-5/8" W x 4-1/4" H x 6-1/2” D

#2500 – 115 Volt $225.95

#2500Export – 220 Volt $235.95 (Unit comes with American style plug.)

Helpful usage tip: Plug The Hot Box into a wall timer and set it to come on an hour before you plan on seeing patients. This will give the unit enough time to get up to temperature. On first set up turn the On/Off switch to the midway point and control the temperature for each frame by raising (cooler) or lowering (hotter) the glass beads. Adjust the On/Off switch until you find the heat level you are comfortable with. The temperature adjustment is not like a quickly responding toaster as the heat is very gradual.

CAUTION: The temperature knob will be HOT to the touch. Do not use it to raise and lower the temperature of the medium bath on a per job basis. 


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