Stealth Driver #2050
Stealth Screwdriver and Nut Driver #2050

Stealth Screwdriver and Nut Driver #2050


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The Driver That Adjusts To You.

Stop pointing your elbow skyward when turning a screw. The most comfortable driver ever! Designed so your arm can be in a more natural position by having the driver head swivel and pivot to always fit securely in the palm of your hand. Ergonomic design eliminates wrist and elbow fatigue. Blades are held in place with a magnet for easy switching. Steel and brass construction. Uses standard replacement driver blades. Includes standard screwdriver blade. 4-5/8" long. US Patent #6,145,982.

Western Optical Tip

Insider Info from Joshua

"I was at a lab inserting lenses into metal frames when I found that I am not as young as I used to be (surprise!). My arm was aching from having to keep it raised when using a screwdriver. To be able to lower my elbow, something on the driver would have to adjust to my angle. A day at a lathe and the Stealth was born."