Screw Finishing Tool #2087
Screw Finishing Tool – Close Up
Screw Finishing Tool #2087

Screw Finishing Tool #2087


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Let’s twist again.

You clipped the excess off a screw and are left with a ragged end.  In oldie days you’d reach for a riffler or spoon file. Too often the file would slip off the screw and drive itself into the frame or lens.

Now you don’t have to take that chance. A few twists of this tool’s cupped serrated cap will safely round off the ends of cut screws. The working end is made of hardened carbide steel permanently mounted in a carbon steel nickel plated handle.

Works on screws with a maximum diameter of 1.6mm. Also use to smooth the ends of cut temples.

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Insider Info from Joshua

"Here’s a long story made short. There are fewer fine file manufacturers now than there were two decades ago. Big file companies bought out the smaller specialists.  Consequently the cost of files has skyrocketed. We can’t change suppliers as there aren’t any. So what to do?  Eliminate the need for a specific file altogether by designing something just as functional but less costly. Two benefits for you. One, it costs less than a riffler file and, two, you are much less likely to slip off the end of a cut screw and file away accidentally on the frame or lens.  It’s a win-win."


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