Driveshaft Drivers #2046 – #2049
Driveshaft Drivers – Close Up

Driveshaft Screwdrivers and Nut Drivers #2046 – #2049


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Turn. Turn. Turn.

Screwdrivers are a very personal item. Do you like yours light weight? Do you like a large rotating cap in your palm? These comfortable and attractive drivers are for you. Injection molded of super sturdy non-wearing nylon. The hardened steel blades are securely held in place by a steel snap ring, yet are easily interchangeable. 4-1/4" long. US Patent #D326,213.

Size Guide

#2048 – Driveshaft Standard Screwdriver – 1.6mm x 2.2mm  $5.95

#2046FT  Driveshaft Fine Flat Tip Screwdriver – 1mm x 1mm $5.95

#2046H  Driveshaft Standard Hex Nut Driver – 2.3mm $7.95

#2046P  Driveshaft Phillips Screwdriver – #000 x #00 $6.95

#2046PF – Driveshaft Phillips/Flat Screwdriver – #000 x 1.4mm $6.95

#2046SE  Driveshaft Screw Extractor – 1.5mm x 1.5mm $6.95

#2046SNL – Driveshaft Star Nut Large Driver – 2.8mm  $7.95

#2046SNS – Driveshaft Star Nut Small Driver – 2.2mm $7.95

Driveshaft Set

#2046  Driveshaft Set – All 8 drivers listed $53.95


#2049  Driveshaft Handle $2.95

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Insider Info from Joshua

"This product was a 'no brainer' when plastics started to approach aluminum in strength. Aluminum drivers have to be machined whereas these are injection molded with a super strong grade of nylon. Same durability as aluminum handles and takes the same highest grade blades. Saves you money without any sacrifice in functionality."