Performance Enhancing Glass Beads #2550


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Proper Size At The Proper Price.

The clean way to evenly transfer heat around eyewear. Beads measure approximately 1.5-1.75mm in diameter. Beads won't get caught in bevels or hinges. Each five pound container fills the Hot Box to the proper level. 

5 lb. bag.

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Insider Info from Joshua

"Western manufactures the Hot Box frame warmer and we have conducted many tests on which size glass beads most evenly distributes and retains the heat for more efficient operation and the avoidance of hot spots. We’ve even tried plastic beads (didn’t work). Beads that are too fine (like sand or salt) trap the heat and when combined over time with atmospheric moisture can turn the medium into a brick which can burn or scratch the eyewear. Our Performance Enhancing Glass Beads allows small gaps between the spheres for air flow and even heat distribution. Breaking with tradition, we do not offer two sizes of beads. We decided only to offer the best size at a competitive price." 

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