Eyewire Curving Press #7080
Eyewire Curving Press – Close Up
Eyewire Curving Press #7080

Eyewire Curving Press #7080


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A handy way to mate the curve of the eyewire to the curve of the lens bevel.

The “ECP” spans the eyewire to press the base curve into the top and bottom of the eyewire simultaneously. Place the eyewire between the matching 6 or 9 base curved blocks and screw snug. The “ECP” can also be used to narrow the bridge for a better fit and to reduce the frame DBL. 3" W x 7.5" H x 3.25" D.

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Insider Info from Joshua

"Trade shows present the opportunity to introduce new tools as well as exhibiting old standards. The plier for changing the eyewire’s base curve is one of those standards. Often when selling this plier the client would comment about what is really needed is a plier that is going to bend the eyewire in the same area on both the top and the bottom. Well, any plier I designed to bridge the distance and be strong enough to withstand the pressure on the cantilevered parallel action jaws was impractically large. Instead, I developed a table top model. I would suggest mounting the “ECP” to your counter top for stability, gently heating your eyewire and holding it in position between the two matching base curved blocks as it cools."