Troop-Balas Silicon-7 Sealant 50500 Microlubricant Jar
Troop-Balas Silicon-7 Sealant 50700 Microlube Applicator

Troop-Balas KT-22 Stem Setting & Winding Gear Microlubricant #50500, #50600


Regular price $6.95

KT-22® Stem Setting and Winding Gear Microlubricant

A stem and winding gear lubricant that assures full lubrication as well as rust protection lasting from cleaning to cleaning. Never breaks down, creeps, or bleeds. Vapor seals the sleeve completely and waterproofs screw-back cases. Protects against condensation and seals plungers. A must for chronographic lubrication. Available in both jar and syringe. (The syringe permits accurate placement of the micro-lubricant with optimum purity upon application.)


#50500 – Microlubricant Jar (6 cc jar) $6.95

#50600 – Microlube Applicator (6 cc syringe) $9.95

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