Tool Magnetizing Block #2184


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Insert. Charge. Magnetize.

Totally Cool! Charge Your Tools!

We’ve figured out a way to get around the fact that the type of steel used to make pliers and driver blades cannot be permanently magnetized. This is the easy and efficient way to continuously provide a magnetic charge to drivers, tweezers and pliers to pick up those small screws and findings.

Holds 12 tools (not included). Measures 2-1/2" H x 3" diameter. A Western exclusive!

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Insider Info from Joshua

"Often I am asked, “Why can’t screwdriver blades be magnetized?” Here’s the answer. They can be… (pause for effect)…but they just can’t be permanently magnetized. It has to do with the type of steel used to make blades: soft enough to be stamped into shape and strong enough to be able to be hardened. That translates to low iron content steel and it is the iron that holds the magnetic charge. The key is to keep applying a magnetic charge to the steel when not in use and it will hold the charge for when it is in use. That’s what this little guy does." 

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