Spring Hinge Plier Kit – Premium Model #2018S, Polished Steel Handle
Spring Hinge Plier Kit – Premium Model – Close Up
Spring Hinge Plier Kit – Premium Model #2018
Spring Hinge Plier Kit – Premium Model #2018

Spring Hinge Plier Kit – Premium Model #2018


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Hold. That. Open.

Stop frustrating yourself. This is the spring hinge mounting tool that really works. This simple to use tool set allows you to extend the spring hinge barrel and hold it in the extended position. The self-locking plier makes it easy to align the temple with the frame front and insert the hinge screw. Single handedly assemble those frustrating spring hinge frames in seconds.

This updated model allows you to safely and quickly open several types of spring hinges. Watch our demonstration video and be dazzled.

For added convenience use the Self-Closing Fine Tip Tweezer or the Screw Starter to easily start the screw in the barrel.

Insider Info from Joshua

"One of the many nice things about owning the factory is that I can make product improvements whenever I want. As eyewear styles change regularly in both fashion and hardware a tool’s design needs to stay current. That’s what occurred when the US Military contacted us with a problem. They had been using our Spring Hinge Plier for years and loved it. Yet, lately the spring hinges that were on their frames didn’t work with the original plier. They sent me a few samples and I made a change to the jaw of the plier so it would still work on the original hinge as well as the new style.  Time for an upgrade to Spring Hinge Plier Kit 2.0"