Lens Splitting Plier – Concorde Model #5027F, Green Foam Handle
Lens Splitting Plier – Concorde Model – Close Up
Lens Splitting Plier – Concorde Model #5027

Lens Splitting Plier – Concorde Model #5027


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Removing demo lenses from frames can be annoying and sometimes painful.

This plier isn’t subtle. Place the pointed jaw in the middle of the lens and squeeze. The lens will break and fall out of the eyewire. Great for removing display lenses from rimlon frames in a snap!

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Insider Info from Joshua

"This plier grows out of numerous requests to be able to remove demo lenses without hurting your fingers or the frame. Originally demo lenses just popped out, sometimes when you didn’t want them to. Now, with more accurate production those suckers are in there. Here’s a tool to match the energy needed to dislodge the lens. I found the most expeditious method to be splitting the lens. Shield your eyes and hold the plier and eyewear away from yourself and others."