Dispensing Hand Tools
Guide to Pliers

Adjusting Pliers
Wire Bracing Plier
Tri-Angling Plier
Combo Round Chain Nose/Delrin Plier
Combo Flat Chain Nose/Delrin Plier
Wide Jaw Angling Plier
Finger Piece Plier

Bracing Pliers
Double Delrin Jaw Plier

Chain/Snipe Nose Pliers
Long Nose Chain Plier
Hollow Snipe Nose Plier
Round Round Nose Plier
The Screw In-Forcer

Curved Long Nose Chain Plier

Cutters Cutting Plier Facts
Side Cutting Plier
Concorde Carbide Cutter
Oblique Head End Cutting Plier
Oblique Head End Cutting Plier for Hard Metals
Narrow End Flush Cutting Plier

Deblocking Tools
Premium Deblocking Plier

Eyewire, Temple, Bridge, Barrel and Flaring Tools
Eyewire Forming Plier
Narrow Eyewire and Bridge Forming Plier
Temple Bending Plier
The Temple Tamer
Bridge Reducing Plier
Barrel Aligning Plier
Screw Flaring Plier

Lens Pliers
Sizing and Screw Inserting Plier
Eyewire Closing Plier
Lens Turning Plier - 20mm Curved Pads
Lens Turning Plier - 25mm Curved Pads
Lens Splitting Plier

Nose Pad Adjusting Pliers
Nose Pad Adjusting Plier
Round Flat Nose Plier
Pad Arm Curving Plier
MicroTool Nose Pad Inserting Plier
Combo Pad Arm/Nose Pad Adjusting Plier


PJ Line Parallel Jaw Pliers

PJ Temple Angling Plier

PJ Double Delrin Jaw Plier
PJ Pantoscopic Tilt Plier

Rimless Done Right
Screwless Rimless Compressing Bracing Plier

Screwless Rimless Compressing Plier/Lab Use
Rimless Bracing Plier
Narrow End Flush Cutting Plier
Rimless Post Pulling Plier
Rimless Post Pushing Plier
Rimless Tube Refresher
Lens Harpoon
Rimlon Harpoon
Rimless Tube Stripper
Screw Finishing Tool
The Swarf Removal Tool
Compression Mount Tubing

Shootout Frame Repair Multi-Tool
The Shootout Frame Repair Multi-Tool Kit

Spring Hinge Plier Kit
Spring Hinge Plier Kit

Replacement Parts for Dispensing Hand Tools
Replacement Plier Parts

Bench Aids
Rubber Guard Bench Block
Bench Anvil Kit
Eyewire Curving Press

Deluxe Drivers
Universal Nut and Screw Grabber
The Stealth Driver
Stiletto Power Driver
Le Forque Driver Set
Spring Clamp Screwdriver

Standard Drivers
EZGRIP Drivers
Driveshaft Drivers
TruBlue Aluminum Driveshaft Driver
Get-A Grip Driver Cushions

Driver Blades
Driver Blades

Tweezer, Files, Deburring, Drills and Hammer
Self Closing Fine Tip Tweezer
Pillar File
Round Rat Tail File
Screw Head Slotting File
Screw Finishing File
Screw Finishing Tool
Zylonite File
Lens Harpoon
The Swarf Removal Tool
Plastic Lens Screw Drill Set
Riveting Hammer

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