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Cutting Plier Facts

Beveled cutting blades are more durable and produce more cuts.  A bevel cut is not as close as a flush cut and requires more pressure.  It leaves a pronounced edge on the cut screw ends.

Flush cutting blades provide a minimal edge on the cut end of the screw.  Flush cutters require less pressure to make a cut than a bevel cutter.  The life of a flush cutter is shorter than that of a beveled cutting plier.

Check the cutting edge.  Nicks, chips or scratches indicate that your cutter is being used to cut something harder than it is intended to cut.

Check the handles using no pressure.  If the distance between the handles has decreased with use, too much force is being applied to the cutter.  The material being cut is either harder or of a larger gauge than the cutter can tolerate.

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