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By Joshua Freilich

Thirty-nine short years ago I founded Western Optical Supply, Inc. Our industry has changed since then, yet it remains an exciting blend of wonderful people, science, and craftsmanship. We work diligently for you, contributing to a brighter future for eye care professionals.

You put the roof over our head and the food on our table.

Western Optical keeps it personal. I insist that Western Optical be an independent corporation practicing the Golden Rule. We treat you the way we wish to be treated. We want to know how we can contribute to making your business more successful. Only when you succeed, will we succeed.

Innovation, Quality and Value are important to us.

To guarantee you high quality products, Western owns the factories that manufacture our tools in the USA and Pakistan. This gives us total control over the entire process from design through production to distribution.

We provide superior working conditions and pay a living wage in our factories. We want our workers to care about the products they make for you and to feel good about Americans.

Western actively designs new products so you are the first to get labor saving eyewear adjusting tools. We compete for your patronage by offering you innovative, quality products at value pricing.

Western Optical is not owned by an investment bank or a mega corporation whose motivation is to maximize their return on investment. Our competitors operate differently than we do. Their line expansion is often done through copying the designs of others and producing an inferior product. I believe that there is no integrity in appropriating another company’s product design.

In a never ending search for the lowest cost product, our competitors change sources frequently and have no control over fabrication. Their vendors often use sub-contractors so the actual manufacturer is unknown as are the quality control and working conditions. Replacement parts don’t fit properly or are totally unavailable.

We love Chinese food but…

Less than 1% of our product line is manufactured in China. Compare our track record to our competition. Those few items that we do source in China are world class with quality and features comparable to the best products made anywhere else.

Our competitor’s practice of sourcing products on the basis of low price pressures their vendors to make cheaper and cheaper goods. You pay a high price when attempting to operate a business successfully with inferior products. It is against our philosophy to sacrifice quality, value and customer service for price.

We’ll never phone to badger you for an order.

As I hate being interrupted by phone solicitors, we won’t be calling you to generate a sale. We can wait for you to call us or use our website, when it is convenient for you.

In the pressure to meet sales quotas, our competitor’s commissioned salespersons work the phones to enrich themselves at the expense of your time and money. Worst of all, you’re paying extra for this “service.” Compare prices and you’ll be doubly incensed.

If you love me, show me…

Sometimes innovation, value, great customer service, intuitive website with educational videos is just not enough. You want something more you can count on, or actually, count out…like real money. We earn your patronage when you keep more of what you earn when buying Western products. Sign up for our exclusive “I want to be appreciated” internet offers at www.westernoptical.com. Because we really do appreciate you!

Introduction from the 2008 Edition

“Thank you for calling Western Optical Supply.  This is Joshua…”

For over thirty years I have written the welcome message for our catalogue regaling the attributes of Western Optical Supply. 

This year, I would like to share the historical perspective that drives the Western Optical brand.  In 1970, I worked as assistant to Dr. Ezra Novak, founder of Novamatic Systems.  This manufacturing corporation taught me that only quality products guaranteed long term customer satisfaction.  Every product we made was durable as well as economical.

Novamatic Systems distributed the first diamond wheel edger made in the USA by Lemay Corporation, under the leadership of Emil Santinelli.  The Lemay Robot literally brought edging out of the stone ages.  Edging lenses went from a 45+ minute process to 90 seconds.  Mr. Santinelli hired me to oversee their California office, spearhead the marketing campaign and write technical manuals.  Lemay produced almost every component of their machines, which included manufacturing their own diamond wheels.  Experiencing the process from concept to finished product was inspiring.  If you can think it, you can make it.

Before the days of 800 numbers and convenient delivery services, I started Western Optical Supply as a West Coast distributor of bench products.  We had several thousand clients, the majority of whom I knew personally.  But as a distributor, I understood that we would always be subject to the whims of a manufacturer.  The desire to control quality, supply and innovation drove me to start manufacturing.

My opportunity arrived when Western Optical Supply acquired a company called, Optigraphics.  Ahead of its time in designing and fabricating unique eyewear displays, the Optigraphics line ranged from small displays for single frames to large freestanding pieces of solid walnut furniture.

We took the line and expanded the designs to provide displays throughout the U.S.A.  Today, that lineage extends to our Western-Eyes and Successories line of eyewear displays and dispensing room accessories.

During this period in early 1970, I had the privilege of associating with men who loved and honored the craft of the optician.  They came from the “old school” where you would apprentice to acquire skills.  Gerd Oppenheim (founder Optical Machinery International), Roy Marks (consultant) and Marty Topaz (publisher Optical Index) were particularly significant.

These men instilled me with the conviction that your product must enhance and supplement the skills of the optician and the quality of a product was a direct reflection of your personal integrity.

None of them put walls between themselves and their clients.  They, personally, attended trade shows and directly answered the phone.  Their behavior strongly influenced my decision to remain in constant communication with you, providing personal attention.

In a world of impersonal customer service and detached corporate managers, I encourage your suggestions so that Western can continue to provide innovative products that address your personal needs.  This is another reason why, a decade ago, we invested in our own factory in Sialkot, Pakistan. 

While our competitors use a variety of vendors to create a product line, Western provides you with one, reliable source bringing you labor saving tools years before our competition can offer inferior reproductions.  Overseas manufacturers ignore intellectual property rights (patents and copyrights) while low price is promoted over innovation and quality.

As a Western Optical Supply customer you have had access to a rimless compression plier (#1050 and #2034) years before it was offered by our competition.  The Universal Screw and Nut Grabber (#5070) is another amazing exclusive innovation.  The list goes back 30 years offering tools that expedite the repair and adjustment of eyewear allowing you to have more time to serve your patients.

I hope this brief overview of the influences that aided me in shaping our corporate philosophy gives you security in knowing that you can depend on a Western Optical Supply product to be quality built right for the job. 


Joshua Freilich
President and Founder

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