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Universal Nut and Screw Grabber
5070 $27.00
5075 $19.00
Universal Nut and Screw Grabber
This is the driver you can’t live without! As the size and shape of lock nuts proliferates so does your collection of nut drivers. How many times a day do you try driver after driver and never find one that grabs your nut?
Western has ended your search with the Universal Nut and Screw Grabber! The expandable jaw automatically grips any size or shape lock nut, hex nut, star nut, cap nut or round nut.
Extra value: two tools in one! The Universal Nut and Screw Grabber doubles as a screw starter! Placing a screw in the self-closing jaws makes it easy to thread even the smallest screw into the hardest to reach places. The more pressure you apply, the tighter the grip on
the screw.
The Universal Nut and Screw Grabber is the one driver that does it all. Excellent for inserting a hinge screw when using the Spring Hinge Plier Kit (#2018).
Available in two models: solid, all-metal construction for continuous use or an injection molded plastic exterior for office use. 3-3/4" long. US Patent Application #11/833.527. Made in the USA.
#5070 Universal Nut and Screw Grabber/Laboratory Use #5075 Universal Nut and Screw Grabber/Office Use
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