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Be kind to your fingers when adjusting an ear piece or changing temple tips. Stop burning your fingers when adjusting the curve of an ear piece by letting The Temple Tamer take the heat and do the work. Also great for replacing temple tips as The Temple Tamer makes it easy to straighten an ear piece, replace the temple tip and curve it back into position.
The Temple Tamer
To Straighten an Ear Piece
Hold your Temple Tamer in either hand with the word STRAIGHTEN on top.
Insert ear piece with bend positioned against circular hub.
Apply gentle upward pressure on temple to straighten.
To Bend an Ear Piece
Hold your Temple Tamer with the word BEND on top.
Insert ear piece to the MM marking where you want the bend to begin.
Apply gentle downward pressure to temple.
Special Offer
The Temple Tamer #2084/2 Introductory price of $29.00 for a set of two.
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