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New “Western-Eyes” Twisters
Eyewear Display Line
MAXIMUM Versatility/Minimum Price
After 39 successful years of manufacturing eyewear displays for the dispensary, we’ve reinvented ourselves with Twisters eyewear displays. So innovative it was awarded US Patent #8,328,028.
Gone forever are the high prices of bulky displays, huge freight charges and displays damaged in transit.
Twisters are the erector set of eyewear displays. Create entire walls or
single pedestals in moments. The support has a patented mechanism that allows Twisters to be mounted anywhere on any 4mm (5/32") diameter rod. Twisters are easily repositioned to suit aesthetics, cleaning or inventory.
The “Western-Eyes” line introduces Twisters in a series of kits. Each kit includes an acrylic holder, 4mm silvered rods of various lengths and a supply of Twisters. Unpack, assemble and enjoy! Rearrange Twisters at any time.
“Twisters” Wall Mounted Displays
"Western-Eyes" Twisters Display Module
This modular kit allows installation of an extended temple eyewear display virtually anywhere. Use as a single display or in multiples, to create an entire wall of eyewear. Arrange the modules in any pattern to reflect the style of your eyewear inventory and decor.
Each module consists of a pair of acrylic mounting brackets, a 24" silvered 4mm rod and 9 Twisters. Screw mount the brackets to the wall, secure the rod into the brackets and arrange the Twisters as desired along the length of the rod.
Elegant, yet inexpensive and the ultimate in versatility!
#9160 $40.00
“Western-Eyes” Display Components
#9100 Twisters Eyewear Support (pkg. of 50) $55.00 #9150 Acrylic Mounting Display Brackets (pair) $27.00
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