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Tray Tags
500 white card stock tags. Use twice and dis- card. 3-1/4"w x 1"h.
#2114 $22.00
100 white plastic tags with dry erase marker. 3-1/4"w x 1"h.
#2115 $22.00 Plastic Stackable Shop Trays
Extra sturdy laboratory/dispensing trays in six colors. Stacked trays interlock for secure transporting. Large tray tag slot for easy reference. Trays packaged 12 or 24 per single color case. 6-1/8"w x 1-5/8"h x 9-1/8"d.
Styles interlock
Click 'n Stack Extra Deep Nesting Trays
These new trays interlock and can be used with conventional 6" x 9" trays. They are 2-1/4" deep to accommodate wrap-around eyewear and eyeglass cases. The base of the tray has indentations for capturing small parts.
Western’s new Click ‘n Stack tray nests one inside the other because the sides are removed for shipping. The tray is easily assembled by snapping the sides into place. Boxed 20 trays per color.
Available in five new contemporary colors:
Yellow White Red
#2140/20 Green #2146/20
Case of 20
#2142/20 #2144/20
Blue #2148/20
Not returnable once assembled.
Yellow White Black Red Green Blue
#2116/12 #2118/12 #2119/12 #2120/12 #2122/12 #2124/12
Yellow White Black Red Green Blue
#2116/24 #2118/24 #2119/24 #2120/24 #2122/24 #2124/24
Case of 12 $30.00
Polishing Rouge
Crystal Kleer Rouge
Rouge of choice for over 50 years for buffing out imperfections and polishing plastic frames. Traditional favorite for polishing the edge of plastic and hi-index lenses.
5"w x 1"h x 1"d.
#4106 $7.25
Case of 24 $59.00
Pattern Blanks
For all makes of automatic and manual pattern makers. Available in two types of quality virgin material, in two sizes. All patterns have raised millimeter markings. Materials can be cut clean
by pattern maker cutting blade, router blade or by using hand sheers. Large: 63mm x 54mm x1.65mm Oversize: 80mm x 65mm x 1.65mm
Clear Styrene – Large / Oversize
Facilitates tracing of lens or eyewire from a paper pattern.
#4000 Oversize (pkg. 100) $24.00 #4001 Large (pkg. 100) $24.00
Industrial Strength – Oversize
Natural color virgin ABS plastic. For edgers with heavy head pressure or for patterns that will be used repeatedly.
#4002 Oversize (pkg. 100)
Original Material – Large / Oversize
White virgin, high impact styrene. Will not crush or bend when used on edgers with normal head pressure.
#4004 Large (pkg. 100) $24.00 #4006 Oversize (pkg. 100) $24.00
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