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Frame Warmers
PrimeAir Frame Warmer
Compact and quiet unit delivers a blast
of heated air to your frame moments after activatingthesolid-stateelectronics. Full temperature and air speed range allows you to use the proper heat setting for trouble free adjustments. Includes hot air concentrator for spot heating on frames. 3-year Warranty. Made in Italy.
Temperature range: 180o F to 325o F Air speed: Variable
Voltage: 115 volt Watts: 1000 Amps: 9 Dimensions: 8"w x 8-1/2"h x 5-3/4"d
#2400 $399.00
2400 $399.00
Hot Box Frame Warmer
The industry favorite for over 25 years! Its flawless performance, proprietary design and construction have made it the most popular frame warmer in America. New injection molded housing for a smaller footprint on your counter.
Hot Box Frame Warmer features:
HOT: Maximum temperature 400°F.
BIG: Inner pan dimensions 9"w x 2-3/4"h x 5"d.
CLEAN: Recessed pan is sealed in place so that glass beads or salt will not spill on countertop.
LONG LIFE: Electrical components are shielded from contamination by bead or salt spills.
PLUS: Adjustable temperature control, indicator light, 4’ grounded power cord and rubber feet.
Voltage: 115 volt Watts: 200 Amps: 1.75 Dimensions:
10-5/8"w x 4-1/4"h x 6-1/2”d.
Glass Beads
The clean way to evenly transfer heat to frame surface. Each five-pound container fills the Hot Box to the proper level.
#2500 $210.00 #2500Export (220 volt)
#2600 #2650
#2600 Regular $20.00 #2650 Extra Large 2.0-2.3mm
3-Year Warranty
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