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Bench Aids, Eyewire Press, Hammer and Screw Fluid
Bench Anvil Kit
Provides an angled, comfortable surface on which to place a frame when inserting eyewire, hinge screws or making general repairs. Stop hunching over a rubber bench block and begin working comfortably from your tabletop. The “third hand” feature of the Bench Anvil includes three nut wrenches, one Phillips/flat screwdriver blade, riveting and cupping points, and solid anvil. 6"w x 5"h x 5"d.
Rubber Guard
Bench Block
Rubber guard protects eyewear and countertops from damage while making frame adjustments. Screws provided for mounting. 3" long.
#2100 $9.00
2101 $66.00
2100 $9.00
7080 $119.00
Eyewire Curving Press
The ideal way to perfectly mate the curve of the eyewire to the base curve of the lens bevel. The ECP presses the curve simultaneously in the same place on the top and bottom of the eyewire. Place the eyewire between the matching 6 or 9 base curved blocks and screw closed. Tighten less for other variations in base curves. The ECP is also used to narrow the bridge for a better fit and to reduce the frame DBL. 3"w x 7.5"h x 3.25"d.
2102 $12.00
Riveting Hammer
Classically constructed with a hardwood handle and forged steel head. 9-3/4" long and 3" head.
Screw Loosening Fluid
Got a screw set in so tightly that you are afraid that any more pres- sure will strip the screw driver slot and create more problems? Try a drop of this specially formulated screw loosening fluid. The fluid is designed to flow between the threads to make it easier to break the bonds. 6cc applicator.
4110 $5.00
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