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Files, Chamfer and Swarf Tools
Screw Finishing Tool
A few twists of the cupped cap rounds off the ends of cut screws. Made of hardened carbide steel permanently mounted in a carbon steel nickel plated handle. Maximum screw diameter 1.6mm. Use to smooth the ends of cut temples smaller than 1.6mm in diameter.
2086 $32.50
2087 $20.50
The Swarf Removal Tool
Unique tool for removing the residue resulting from edging polycarb and Trivex lenses. Curved edges help keep the scrapping blade balanced on the edge of the lens. Fine, squared tips for cleaning out the groove of a nylon cord rimless. The Swarf is made in the USA of spring steel mounted into a carbon steel nickel plated handle.
2088 $23.50
Optician’s Files
A Pillar File – “General purpose” file for working on flat plastic frame surfaces. Fine cut, 8" long.
#2070 $27.00
B Round Rat Tail File – Use for reaming holes in
rimless mountings, etc. Fine cut, 5-1/2" long.
#2072 $16.00
C Screw Head Slotting File – Create a screwdriver
blade slot in the head of a marred screw. Fine cut, 4-3/8" long.
#2074 $49.00
D Screw Finishing File – Use for smoothing the end of screws. Tip comes to a fine point and is angled for easy access in hard to reach places. Medium cut, 6-7/8" long.
#2076 $38.00
E Zylonite File – Use to alter the angle of the temple to the end piece on plastic frames. Coarse cut on wide side while beveled edges are smooth to prevent damage to eyewear. 7-1/2" long.
#2078 $39.50
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Lens Harpoon
Use when deburring, smoothing or tapering a hole in rimless mounted lenses to prevent chipping. Diamond tipped conical point mounted in a carbon steel nickel plated handle.

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