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Spring Hinge / Temple and Barrel Pliers / Plier Parts
Spring Hinge Plier Kit
This is the one that works! This simple to use tool set allows you to extend the spring hinge barrel to hold it in the open position. The self-locking plier makes it easy to align the temple with the frame front and insert the hinge screw. Single handedly assemble those frustrating spring hinge frames in seconds.
This updated model allows you to safely and quickly open several types of spring hinges.
For the ultimate in convenience use the Universal Nut and Screw Grabber (#5070) to easily insert the hinge screw into the barrel.
Temple Bending Plier
A range of stepped Delrin plastic arcs aid you in easily curving end pieces on temples. Obtain the most comfortable and individualized bend for your patient.
2018S Stainless
2018 Premium $45.50
2004F Foam
2004 Premium $34.00
2033V Vinyl
2033 Premium $29.50
Barrel Aligning Plier
Quickly straighten bent barrels and correct the spacing so barrels align properly.
Replacement Parts for Pliers
See our website for a full selection of replacement pads and parts:
28 • 800.423.3294
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