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Rimless Done Right
Rimless Post Pulling
Safely disengages the bridge and temple from compression rimless lenses. Prevents lens breakage that results from the attempt to extract the post and tubing by hand.
2020V Vinyl
2020 Premium $29.50
PJ Post Pushing Plier
Easily and safely extract the post and tubing fromacompressionrimlesslens! Thissimple to use tool requires little effort to delicately push out the post and tubing from the holes, duetothenewparalleljawdesign. Willnot mar frames. Pins pivot easily to accommodate horizontal and vertical mounting systems. #5021P1 optional single pin holder available.
Rimless Tube Stripper
Effortlessly remove compressed tubing from compression posts on rimless frames. Cutting blade gap is adjustable so you cut through the tube without biting into the metal post. Slot in jaw aids in removing cut tube from post.
5121F Foam 5121 PJ $44.50
3027V Vinyl
3027 Budgetool $20.50
Rimless Bracing Plier
Fearlessly adjust a screw and nut rimless mounting without cracking the lens! Our exclusive dovetail Delrin padded jaw has a channel that holds the screw head without scratching the lens. The slotted metal jaw securely grips the glass screw at the retaining nut. With the mounting held firmly you can safely adjust the end piece, the temple, or the bridge.
1016V Vinyl
1016 Guild $33.50
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