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Nose Pad Adjusting Pliers
1030V Vinyl
1030 Guild $31.50
2030V Vinyl 2030F Foam 2030S Stainless 2030 Premium $29.50
Nose Pad
Adjusting Plier
The secure way to safely and easily adjust all types of nose pads. The cupped jaw for cradling the pad is matched to a slotted jaw for securely bracing the nose pad box and arm. Makes repositioning the nose pad easy. All models are specially configured for Hilco Logic® nose pads.
Combo Pad Arm/Nose Pad Adjusting Plier
Nose pad and nose pad arm adjusting tool all in a single plier. Specially designed jaws safely grab and adjust the nose pad and box. The unique jaw tips securely pinch the interior and the exterior of the pad arm to adjust its curvature.
3030V Vinyl 3030F Foam 3030 Budgetool $20.50
2035V Vinyl
2035 Premium $28.50
8030S Stainless
8030 MicroTool $18.00
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