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Nose Pad Adjusting Pliers
Round/Flat Nose Plier
Known also as a “half round” or “looping plier”, this tool has many applications. The most popular use is for adjusting ”American” pad arm curvature and nose pad height.
Nose Pad
Inserting Plier
Stop hurting your fingers by forcing a push-in style nose pad into the box. Use this plier to gently pop the pad into place without moving either the nose pad or pad arm out of position.
Nose Pad
Popping Plier
Quick, easy and secure way to remove push-in nose pads without changing position of pad or arm.
Pad Arm
Curving Plier
Put the curve back in nose pad arms in one squeeze. One jaw is concave and the other jaw fits inside
so pressing the pad arm between the jaws instantly creates the proper pad arm curve.
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1014V Vinyl
1014 Guild $31.50
2014V Vinyl 2014S Stainless 2014 Premium $29.50
3014V Vinyl 3014F Foam 3014 Budgetool $20.50
8031S Stainless
8031 MicroTool $18.00
8032S Stainless
8032 MicroTool $18.00
2016V Vinyl
2016 Premium $31.50

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