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Lens Pliers
Lens Splitting Plier
Removes display lenses from rimlon frames in a snap!
PJ Sizing and Screw Inserting Plier
While holding the eyewire closed, you can easily insert and tighten the eyewire screw. New parallel jaw design holds the eyewire closed more securely. This time saving plier reduces the possibility of damage to lenses or frames by keeping the screwdriver tip from slipping off the eyewire screw head.
Eyewire Closing Plier
Also known as a “sizing plier”, this tool allows you to confirm proper lens size and shape by closing the eyewire without inserting the screw. Pointed jaws will not damage the eyewire screw barrel. Guild and Premium styles feature replaceable points.
5106F Foam 5106 PJ $42.00
5027F Foam
5027 Concorde $44.50
2007V Vinyl
2007 Premium $27.50
2028V Vinyl 2028F Foam 2029V Vinyl 2029F Foam
2028 $33.50 Premium 2029 $33.50
Lens Turning Plier
20mm & 25mm Curved Pads
Western keeps improving on the classics. The traditional lens turning plier or axis aligning plier is now equipped with either 25mm or 20mm round pads for smaller eyesizes. The new style pads also feature matching four base curves to reduce stress on the center of high minus, thin center lenses. The pads encapsulate the metal mounting bracket and their movement is restricted so there is no opportunity to accidentally scratch lenses. Accommodates lenses up to 90mm diameter.
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