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Eyewire / Flaring Pliers
Eyewire Forming Plier
Delrin pads gently but firmly shape the metal eyewire to conform to the base curve of the lens. Safe to use on polyamide or lightly warmed plastic frames. Exclusive screw-free dovetail pads eliminate the bother of replacing screw-on type pads and the possibility of the screw marring the frame.
Narrow Eyewire and Bridge Forming Plier
The classic six base eyewire forming pad has been reconfigured to a narrow 15mm width for smaller frames. The diminutive Delrin jaw can be used to adjust the eyewire curve, alter the bridge size or adjust temple tips.
Screw Flaring Plier
A quick and easy way to flare the end of a hinge screw to keep it from coming out of the hinge. A sturdy, sharp point flares the end of the screw while the hole on the opposite jaw protects the screw head. Prevents lost screws and eliminates patient and dispenser inconvenience.
1010V Vinyl
1010 Guild $34.50
Eyewire Press page 30
2010V Vinyl 2010F Foam 2010 Premium $32.50
1011V Vinyl
1011 Guild $34.50
1044V Vinyl
1044 Guild $31.50
2044V Vinyl
2044 Premium $27.50
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