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Cutting Pliers for Hard Metals
Concorde Tungsten
Carbide Cutters
These “top of the line” cutters combine tungsten carbide steel cutting tips with military grade superior tensile-strength stainless steel. Comfortable foam covered extra leverage handles provide precise control for nearly flush cuts. 13mm wide cutting edge and 6-1/2" long.
End Cutting Plier for Hard Metals
Side Cutting Plier for Hard Metals
Side view of 5024 and 2025
Oblique Head End Cutting Plier for Hard Metals
Slices through stainless steel and other hard metals. The 22mm cutting edge is angled and tapered to a fine point for close cuts without damaging the frame. Made of tempered carbon stainless steel.
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Enhanced Design
5024F Foam
5024 Concorde $44.50
5026F Foam
5026 Concorde $44.50
2025V Vinyl 2025F Foam 2025 Premium $34.50

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