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Chain / Snipe Nose Pliers
Curved Long
Nose Chain Plier
A classic general-purpose plier with curved jaws that taper to a fine point. Ideal for gripping in hard to reach areas.
2039V Vinyl
2039 Premium $29.50
3039V Vinyl
3039 Budgetool $20.50
3037V Vinyl
3037 Budgetool $20.50
The Screw In-Forcer
No more fumbling with screws! A slotted notch in the curved tip of the finely tapered jaws securely grips the head of any screw. Effective for nose pad and spring hinge screws when extra downward pressure is needed.
Round/Round Nose Plier
Designed for making a wide variety of nose pad arm adjustments and for bending circular shapes. Both jaws are round and taper to fine points.
3036V Vinyl
3036 Budgetool $20.50
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