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Bracing / Bridge Pliers
Wire Bracing Plier
Non-marring jaws are grooved for a tight grip while bracing and adjusting round wire frame components and round metal temples. Great for bracing rimless while making adjustments and adjusting some pad arm styles. The Guild style features two groove diameters: 1mm and 2mm. Premium is single grooved.
Special Price
1008V Vinyl
1008 Guild $31.50
2008V Vinyl
2008 Premium $19.00
2037V Vinyl 2037F Foam 2037 Premium $34.50
Bridge Reducing Plier
Three jaws engage the bridge from above and below for extremebridgereduction. Usetocreateamorecomfortable fit and to reduce the PD. Useful for bending the eyewire to alter the base curve. For metal and plastic frames.
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