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Adjusting Pliers
1013V Vinyl
1013 Guild $33.50
2013V Vinyl 2013F Foam 2013S Stainless 2013 Premium $31.50
Combo Flat Chain
Nose/Delrin Plier
The classic combo! Use it to adjust the angle of the end piece without marring the frame. The 8mm wide dovetail Delrin pad protects the frame surface. The flat metal jaw tapers to a fine point to fit into tight areas.
3013V Vinyl 3013F Foam 3013 Budgetool $22.50
Choose the custom grip that’s perfect for you
Vinyl grip
Thin coating of non-slip vinyl for both comfort and sensitivity.
Foam grip
A light cushion of springy foam provides maximum comfort when applying
a tight grip, when cutting a screw or bending a temple end.
Steel grip
Non-slip sculpted
and polished steel
grip for maximum tactile sensitivity when you want nothing to come between you, your
tool and the frame.
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