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Shootout Frame Repair Multi-Tool Kit
Western’s engineering solution that saves you time six ways: punches out hinge and eyewire screws, re-establishes a screwdriver slot in a damaged screw head, flares or peens the screw end and can replace a hinge screw with a QuikFix Rivet.
The Shootout arms you with the most power available in a hand tool. The patented lever mechanism takes a gentle squeeze and transforms it into the controlled power needed to easily eject broken screws and reduce damage to the barrel.
The Shootout is simple to align and comfortable to grip even for the smallest hands.
Shootout Multi-Tool
Kit includes precision hand tool and complete set of punches and anvils. 8 5/8" long. US Patent #6,006,410.
Removing eyewire screw
Shootout Components
Slotting hinge screw
Replacing hinge screw with QuickFix Rivet
2042 $139.00
#2042AS Solid Anvil $6.50 #2042PC Cupped Point $6.50 #2042PF Flaring Point $6.50 #2042PS Slotting Point $6.50
Points and anvils included in Shootout Kit: #2042A Anvil 2.7mm Hollow $6.50
#2042AN Anvil Narrow 2.0mm Hollow $6.50 #2042AW Anvil Wide 3.0mm Hollow $6.50 #2042EA Short Anvil for Eyewire Punch $6.50 #2042P Hinge Screw Ejector $6.50
#2042EP Eyewire Screw Ejector $6.50
800.423.3294 •
QuikFix Rivets – Optional (100 pieces)
Head 2.0mm, Stem 1.12mm diameter, Overall 8.1mm
#2042QFG #2042QFGM #2042QFS
“Gold” “Gunmetal” “Silver”
$12.00 $12.00 $12.00

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