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Guide to Pliers
Handles to fit every grip. Grips to fit every hand.
Guild Series #1000
#1000 Series “Guild” features a hand conforming pistol grip with spring open action.
Concorde Series #5000 #5000 Series “Concorde” features
custom grips designed specifically for the task. Includes the PJ Line of parallel jaw pliers.
Premium Series #2000
#2000 Series “Premium” features traditional symmetrical handles with or without spring-open action.
PJ Series #5000
PJ pliers feature jaws that close in parallel
to safely and securely grip thick frames. Conven-
tional pliers pinch thicker materials and mar the frame. PJs feature long, comfortable foam covered grips and narrow jaws. US Pat App #12/032.382.
Budgetool Series #3000 #3000 Series “Budgetool” has lighter
weight traditional handles for a smaller grip without a spring.
MicroTools Series #8000 #8000 Series “MicroTools” Designed for
professionals on-the-go. Big on function, small in size – average length is just 5”. Complies with TSA regulations and can be carried aboard aircraft.
Choose the custom grip that’s perfect for you
Vinyl grip
Thin coating of non-slip vinyl for both comfort and sensitivity.
Foam grip
A light cushion of springy foam provides maximum comfort when applying
a tight grip, when cutting a screw or bending a temple end.
Steel grip
Non-slip sculpted
and polished steel
grip for maximum tactile sensitivity when you want nothing to come between you, your
tool and the frame.
Why does Western use Delrin® plastic pads?
Western’s exclusive Delrin dovetail pads save you time, effort and money. Delrin is a super hard plastic that outlasts softer nylon, so pads are replaced less often. Western’s exclusive design eliminates screws and the probability of marring the frame. Replace a Western pad by quickly and easily sliding it into position. No aligning, drilling, tapping or screwing necessary. • 800.423.3294
The PJ Pliers Difference
Parallel closing jaws grip frame securely
Non-parallel jaws can damage thick frames

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