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Deluxe Drivers
The Stealth Driver
The most comfortable driver ever! The head swivels and pivots to always fit securely in the palm of your hand. Ergonomic design eliminates wrist and elbow fatigue. Blade is held in place with a magnet for easy switching. Steel and brass construction. Uses all Western replacement driver blades. 4-5/8" long. US Patent #6,145,982.
2050 $26.00
Stiletto Power Driver
Stationary cap rotates on ball bearings yielding a smooth comfortable feel. A high power magnet holds the blade securely in place for quick blade changes. Uses standard screwdriver and nut driver blades. No Allen wrench or special driver blades required. 3-3/4" long.
Le Forque Driver Set
5050 $25.50
Everyone in your dispensary should be supplied with their own personal screwdriver due to health concerns with pricked fingers drawing blood.
5060 $34.50
Spring Clamp Screwdrivers
Reach in and grab as you unscrew thehinge,nosepadoreyewirescrew. This precision driver will continue to hold the screw as you place it back into the eyewear. Comes in three blade configurations. 4-7/8" long.
Delivers tremendous torque and stores its own supply of blades in the handle. Easy to grip heavy-duty body with removable ball bearing cap. A magnet holds the blade in place making changes quick and easy.
Four blades included: flat/flat (2), Phillips and fine tip. 5" long.
Fine Tip Spring Clamp Screwdriver
#2051 $24.00 Replacement blade
#2051B $8.00 Standard Spring Clamp Screwdriver
#2052 $24.00 Replacement blade
#2052B $8.00 Phillips Spring Clamp Screwdriver
#2053 $24.00 Replacement blade
#2053B $8.00
2051 – 2053
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